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Seller Policies

Selling Policies & Code of Conduct

All Sellers wishing to list their products on Falcon Embroidery are expected to strictly follow a code of conduct and certain policies. If a seller is found to be disobeying or violating the selling policies and code of conduct, it may result in actions against their account, their listings, selling privileges, and their payment.

Seller Code of Conduct

This policy demands that the sellers act truthfully and justly. Sellers must be fair and honest to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. 

All sellers must:

Provide accurate information to Falcon Embroidery and its customers.

Sell only original products and not sell any sorts of copyrighted products.

Not operate more than a single selling account.

Not engage in inappropriate or unnecessary communication.

Act fairly and honestly. The Seller should not try to misuse any of Falcon Embroidery's features and services. 

Not attempt to evade the Company's sale processes. 

Not manipulate, hide information regarding the products, or show inauthentic images. 

Not abuse or steal work from another Seller, their listings, or their ratings. 

not try to influence the customers' ratings or feedback. 

market their own products. 

Selling Policies

More details regarding the selling policies

Accurate Information: You must provide accurate information to Falcon Embroidery and to the customers regarding your products and your business at all times. 

Act Fairly: You must act fairly, truthfully, and lawfully while selling your products. Unfair Activities such as Manipulation, Misleading information, click baiting, attempting to increase the price after confirmation of the order, artificial web traffic, damaging another seller's ratings or listings, etc will not be tolerated. 

Communications: You must not engage in any sort of communications that are inappropriate, unnecessary, and unsolicited. 

Customer Information: You must respect the privacy of the customer's information such as their phone number, email addresses, etc. You must only use that information to fulfill their orders. 

Ratings or Feedback: You may ask for reviews regarding your products from a customer but you must not ask only for positive reviews or offer an incentive for them. You must not buy reviews or ratings and you must not remove any negative reviews. 

Evade Falcon Embroidery's Sale Processes: You must not divert any of Falcon Embroidery's Customers to another site.

Original Designs Only: You must only sell original products. Do not copy work from other sellers or platforms. 

Selling Privileges 

Details regarding selling on Falcon Embroidery.

There is no fee for listing as a seller. You can enlist as a seller by making an account and choosing the "Become a Seller" option. Your details will then be reviewed and you will be notified if you get approved.  

The seller will get 80% of the profits and 20% + Processing fee will be taken by the company (Processing fee will be charged by third-party Payment providers). 

No profit will be given in case of refund. 

You can sell your product on other platforms. 

Inactivity of 4 months will get your seller account deactivated. Although, your listings will remain active. 

If after an inactivity of 4 months, you continue to remain inactive for 2 more months then your listings will be removed as well.  

If you have any issue with a seller resolve it on your own via email. 

If you find a seller copying your designs just report it to us we will take action immediately. 

We reserve the right to change our policy without any prior notice.

Your payment will be finalized on the 1st of every month and payment will be made within 5-10 days. 

Payment will be made via PayPal or Payoneer.

When a client buys something from your listing, the payment will go directly to our company's account, and then it will be transferred to your respective accounts.

Only digital items are allowed, including machine embroidery and vector art. 

If any seller wants to deactivate their account from the platform then they must send a request through an email for account deactivation. We will deactivate the account and its listings shortly.

For any more information, contact us via email at or