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Who We Are

A team that loves to create

Falcon Embroidery is a notable name for digitizing industry. We are ready with certified and recognized staff, screen printing, extremely trained specialized, professional digitizers, great experienced team and higher level management. We use the latest advancements and the best materials to give a part of the most brought personal satisfaction benefits available in the business today. We consider this to be an approval of our business practice, as well as a demand for quality digitizing and extraordinary customer service. Falcon Embroidery gives finest quality embroidery service through a group of expert and skilled embroidery digitizing and graphic designers who have been carefully chosen and tested time to time. Falcon Embroidery has offered his services propelled vast mobility, which leaded to an incredible accomplishment of Custom Designing and Development Company. We pride ourselves on remarkable digitizing quality and outstanding customer service, made conceivable by our well trained time-tested and experienced embroidery digitizers at Falcon Embroidery.

What We Do

Keep it simple

Digitized files are effortlessly exchanged on the grounds that they are common and effectively access able of internet-based medium such as online payments, email and so on. Falcon Embroidery gives proficient embroidery digitizing service with cost-effective solutions, From the very first moment. Outsource Embroidery Digitizing is usually followed by embroiders these days. Embroidery digitizing is the process of taking logo, design, other innovative fine art, even photo and changing it into a digital file in certain format/language that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch it out. Stitch types include satin stitch, fill stitch and running stitch to create an embroidery design. All of this procedure is finished with the assistance of certain embroidery digitizing software and requires skilled digitizer’s manual input and creative treatments. Though, if top quality embroidery is essential, them industry experts highly suggest either purchasing solid design from legitimate digitizers or getting training on solid digitization methods. 


We believe in creatively structuring each job based on client’s requirements and with our experienced and quality control staff we simply innovate the quality with the best results.

Our company is committed to sharing the knowledge, experience and ideas with all our business associates and aspires to build a company with strong values and an enviable reputation.
we have devoted ourselves to higher quality embroidery digitizing and best customer service, while making our prices affordable and reasonable.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

Beyond any doubt you may think that it’s better to have in-house designers and remain in your comfort zone, yet as the industry is growing an ever increasing number of people outsource the digitization work to offshore companies. By trusting their future in the hands of others sure outsourcing your artwork saves you 30-40% or even 50%. However, play it safe why outsourcing has focal points and drawbacks. 

Why Outsource To Us

First of all Falcon Embroidery has one of the leader in digitizing, embroidery and vector services located not seaward but right here in US, that is why our attitude of artwork has been perceived as award winning again and again by DIS, ISS. We are not an offshore company, Falcon Embroidery is located here in the USA, grew up to one of the leading companies provide high quality of artwork with 24/6 hours service. It gives fast turnaround time, first company to employee real artist that are certified, giving you the best quality artwork with the most reduced costs in the industry.  

Secure & Private
We Keep your Files Safe and Secure and not shared without your permission.
We keep backup of your files. you can access your files from every where and any time.
Quick Turnaround Time
Our Normal Turnaround is 12 - 24 Hours. Rush Order will be delivered in few Hours.
No Hidden Charges
No Hidden or Extra charges for any revision or changes in artwork.
Unlimited Stitches
We give freedom, unlimited stitches & revisions with out any extra charges.
Customer & Chat Support
Well trained customer reps are available 24/6 by phone, email or chat.
Quality Satisfaction
We always give our best to each design, we fullfill all the requirment which are demanded at the time of order.
Competitive Pricing
Pricing at time of Quote. Our price are Flat no surprice box latter.