An Inclusive Guide On Supplies With Tips!

The hardest part of beginning something is to find all of the answers of one’s queries in a single place. You may have a lot of questions about embroidery, the right embroidery machines, supplies, and et cetera.

Lucky for you, we are just about to answer all of your basic beginner questions! We also have a little section in the end where we are going to share our useful tips for Machine Embroidery!

This is our special Beginner’s guide to Machine Embroidery!

What is Machine Embroidery?

Embroidery is the craft of decorating or creating different patterns on fabric or any other material by means of a needle and a thread.

So, Machine Embroidery is a method of embroidery by which a sewing machine or an embroidery machine is used to craft designs.

“Which Embroidery Machine Should I Start With?”

A very frequently asked question, for which we have already dedicated a whole article to find the best beginner embroidery machine for you.


All the necessary supplies you need


Needles that are specifically designed for Embroidery Machines are what we term as “Machine Embroidery Needles”. These needles are in fact, different from sewing or hand-embroidery needles so, you need to know which needles are the best for your embroidery projects.

To choose the best needles for your crafts, take a look at our article here.



Embroidery thread is manufactured specially for embroidery. There are many different kinds of threads that you can choose from, but which one to pick?

Read our guide to pick the best thread for your design here.



Fabric is cloth or any other material produced by weaving different textile fibres together. You really don’t want to choose the wrong fabric for your embroidery project or you will end up finishing before even starting.

To choose the right fabric for your project, learn more about it



Stabilizers also known as ‘backings’ are the make or break for machine embroidery. They are essential stiff sheets placed above or underneath the designs during embroidery for the prevention of puckering or stretching.

One needs to be really careful when selecting a stabilizer for machine embroidery.

Read our article on stabilizers here


Iron is as important as a sewing or embroidery machine; no kidding! You need to get yourself a good iron to get rid of all the wrinkles from your project. The melding process of the fabric and the thread can only happen because of an iron.

Luckily, for you we have all the details mentioned in our buying guide of Irons!

Read our article on IRONS here


Embroidery hoops keep the fabric tight & stretched so that the design is properly positioned. Hoops are not always necessary but it is essential for beginners to use them for better outcomes. If you get your hooping right, your design is going to end up really well. We also have a tip regarding hoops in our tips section.

Embroidery Digitizing Software:  

An Embroidery digitizing software is a must have to create original beautiful patterns for your project.
It helps in making designs in a digital format which can be exported to or read by your embroidery machine.
If you are someone who is not very familiar with digitizing software or designs and etc. then we have a very special tip for you in our tips section!

Read our article on digitizing software here

Some Machine Embroidery tips for our beginners!

There are a few things that need your attention as a Machine Embroidery beginner.
Gladly, we have you covered ?

Exporting your design to your Embroidery Machine:

Remember that whenever you are creating designs using a embroidery digitizing software, always finish saving it in an .EMB file. This file contains all the information about your design so it is extremely important to save it in that format. The .EMB file has the quality that surpasses the quality of a stitch-based file.

When you save your pattern in an .EMB file then, you can go ahead and convert it into many different formats according to the embroidery machines easily! Now what about those who really have no idea where to start with digitizing designs, checking file formats and exporting it?
The lucky charms are strong with you because, our next tip is for all the beginners who want to get custom digitized designs without doing all of the digital stuff!

Falcon Embroidery Digitizing Design Service:

Falcon Embroidery is remarkably famous in the embroidery digitizing industry. They offer amazing services including custom digitizing with personalization options accessible through up-to-date technology.

You can get your favorite designs in a very affordable price in the file format that your embroidery machine supports! So you would not need to worry about digitizing or formats or anything!
With amazing variations in designs, Falcon Embroidery gets you your designs in your required digital format. To know more about Falcon Embroidery, click here.

Get Your Image Digitized Here

Hooping tip:

If you want the best outcome for your design, pick the smallest hoop to fit your design.
Because the smaller the hoop is, the better your stitch is going to turn out. The larger the hoop is, the harder would it be for you to stitch.

Familiarize with your equipment: 

The tip we always give out to people who are starting off Machine Embroidery is to take the time to get familiar with their Embroidery Machine, workspace, software, service and basically everything that has to do with embroidery.

Start off lightly and just take the time to understand your machine, explore different options, reach out and read tips and guides so that you don’t stop before even starting.


Practice, practice and practice! Here’s the deal, your first pieces are not going to look fine. You are going to make mistakes and it is all okay. The more you practice, the finer your embroidery project is. Keep practicing to reach a quality point and try to maintain that as well.

Just keep on practicing and you will embroider like a pro!

Relax & Explore:

Take it easy. Sit back and explore different stitches, different fabrics and threads. Find out what you think is the best to start with, try doing a freestyle design. Enjoy making mistakes and weird designs.
Let yourself take time and keep on embroidering! 

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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