In a world where Artificial Intelligence exists, would one believe that Embroidery stayed the same all this time? Embroidery, just like the world of technology, has evolved. Contemporary Embroidery is mainly done on Embroidery Machines! Machine Embroidery is a process adopted by the masses in which a sewing machine seams a design of your choice on a fabric.

There are many advantages of this computerized age of Embroidery. For example, Embroidery in old times used to take many hours, sometimes, even days! But due to the creation of such machines, the same embroidery can now be done in a short amount of time and that too more efficiently!

Machine Embroidery
Machine Embroidery on a cap

Types of Machine Embroidery and how they are done:

  • Computerized Machine Embroidery:

The best thing about Computerized Machine Embroidery is the fact that it is entirely controlled by a computer. It stitches embroidery on fabric from computerized design.

Embroidery being done on computerized machine embroidery

  • Free-Motion Embroidery:

In this one, a design is sewn using a zigzag sewing machine. It’s a little complicated as the one who wants to sew the design has to be careful while making the design. It consumes time and it is less efficient.

Machine Embroidery is a multi-step process. In order to print a design on a fabric, you must need a digitized file. These digitized design files can be bought and created with the help of an Embroidery Digitizing Software. Sometimes, the question arises, what is meant by a digitized file? A digitized file is an artwork converted from an existing piece of artwork into a stitch file that can be read and recreated by the machine on a textile. Digitized design files have formats as well: Source Formats, for these, digitizer keeps the original file and uses it for editing purposes; it is fixed to the software that creates designs. Another one is Machine Formats: they have stitch data and machine functions; hence, they cannot be easily edited without immense work. They are easy to decode, and they can also serve as easy exchange formats.

Many of the designs can be downloaded from various websites but not every design can have a format for any specific machine which is why many conversion programs convert one machine’s file format to another.

A digitizer is a person who creates a design through software that helps to create an object-based embroidery design. The files that are created contain all the information about the artwork such as the outlines, thread color, etc. When these files are converted, they lose some of the information; rendering editing difficulties. Once the file is created, the embroiderer can edit or combine the design with other designs using various embroidery software.

Benefits of Machine Embroidery

There are way many benefits of Machine embroidery. To describe them in the best way possible: –

  1. Efficient and fast, takes less time
  2. Reliable
  3. Perfect Finished Products
  4. Cost-effective

Even though not all machines are only made for embroidery, some are used for sewing and some machines have an array of navigating features. Contemporary Embroidery is a whole new dimension when you get into it.

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering! 

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