There was a time when people only used to attach patches on their garments just to repair holes. Now, patches are a great way to embellish and style your clothing. Whether it’s a uniform, bag, jacket or et cetera, different types of patches turn a simple piece into a statement piece.

The best part of attaching patches on your clothes is that it can really showcase your interests or personality. Even the most boring piece of clothing can become fun and interesting just because of the patches you attach.

BUT! Getting a patch is not everything. The most important thing is how you attach it. If you do not attach it correctly, it is either going to look like a fix and hide-up job or simply fall off. That’s something none of us wants, which is why we are going to tell you step-by-step how to attach patches easily!

How can we attach patches?

There are so many different types of patches hence, a lot of ways you could attach them. However, today we are going to mainly focus on two ways by which, you can attach your patches:

  • Ironing-on the patches.
  • Sewing them by Machine.

Attaching Patches Using an Iron

Iron-on patches are really famous because, they are a lot quicker. Pick up your favourite iron-on patches and the garment you want to put it on, let’s start ironing!

Step I: Check your Garment

First things first, make sure your garment is clean. It is much better to iron on a patch onto a clean piece of clothing. There are a few things that you also need to check:

  • If the item can be ironed. There must be a laundry symbol regarding to ironing on the tag.
  • The item is at least as heavy as the patch if not more.
  • If the garment is any other fabric than cotton or denim, you would need to be more careful.

Step II: Iron your Article of Clothing

Iron your item nicely and evenly. Make sure there are no wrinkles left. We really want the patch to stick well.

Step III: Place your Item on a Sturdy Surface

Place it on a surface that is sturdy; an ironing board would be preferred.

Step IV: Place your Patch on the Garment

Think of a nice position. Place your patch carefully on the garment. If you are thinking of attaching more patches on the garment, make sure you leave enough space for the rest of them.

Step V: Put a Towel on the Patch

When you are happy with the placement of your patch, carefully place a towel on it. The Towel will prevent your patch from burning.

Step VI: Turn On your Iron

Switch on your Iron and set it on the highest temperature setting (making sure that the fabric can tolerate it). Mistakenly a lot of people turn on their steam settings, assure that you are not one of them.

Step VII: Iron on your Patch

When your iron gets all heated up, apply pressure and iron on your patch. Keep ironing and applying pressure on the towel for about 20 to 25 seconds. Remove your iron. Lift the towel partially and check if the patch has stuck to your garment. If not, then iron on again with the towel for almost 10-15 seconds.

Your article of clothing is ready to rock on you. Taking care of it is necessary now. Do not get your patched garment too dirty because, a lot of washing can loosen up your patch. If there is a need to wash it, then hand-wash it with cold water and let it air-dry.

Attaching Patches Using a Sewing Machine

Sewing patches may take a bit more time than ironing one on but, sewing it is much more secure, effective, and durable.

Step I: Iron your garment

You firstly need to iron your garment to remove any sort of wrinkles.

Step II: Arrange your Patch

Decide where you want to place your patch. Now, you need to either pin your patch or tape it to the garment so that it stays in place. Taping your patch to the fabric is much easier.

Step III: Place your Item on your Sewing machine

Switch on your Sewing machine, thread it, put the footer up and place your item on it. Set it to a straight stitch on low speed. Make sure you are not sewing on both sides of the garment.

Step IV: Begin Sewing

Put the footer down and start sewing. Move your patch and the garment as one. You will need to put your footer up if you are going to rotate. Keep sewing until the whole patch is covered and sewed properly. Cut the remaining thread with a nice pair of scissors.

That is all! These are some really easy ways to get your patches attached to your garments. Patches are a really great embellishment plus they are really fun to attach. Once you get a hold of them, you would want to attach patches everywhere!

Do you like patches? Do you enjoy attaching them? Are there any items that you have patched with your favourite designs? We would really love to know!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidery!

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