If you are thinking of starting Machine Embroidery as a new productive hobby or a home-based sort of business, then we know why you are here. You want to get started but how?
We have everything that you need to get started in Machine Embroidery!

Get Familiar With Your Equipment

First things first, you are going to need a good embroidery machine, threads, needles, fabric and some really essential supplies.

We have talked about every machine embroidery essential in detail for you to find the best from the best! It is extremely significant that you gather all the important information about the things that you are going to be working with; how to pick out the best one, what to keep in mind before buying a supply, how to spend your money, and etc.
So, go through our beginner’s guide to first get familiar with your machine and your supplies!

Ask, Look & Listen!

Do not hesitate! Ask questions to people who are machine embroiderers and take notes. Surround yourself with such people who can help you out with it.
Join social media groups or pages. Most importantly, look! Watch people doing machine embroidery; see how they are doing everything.

Look for YouTube tutorials on or see someone do it if there is someone nearby. Listen closely what they are advising or pointing out.
Just always remember the Ask, look & listen principle. It is going to help you a lot in the beginning!

Learn About Your Machine!

You need to first learn about your machine. Read the manual, call the support service if you need to, watch the built-in tutorials (if available) or rely on YouTube. Get completely familiar with the features that your machine comes with.
If you want to know which Embroidery Machine to get, check out our guide on it.

Which Embroidery Machine To Get?

Make Sure To Get The Essentials

Make sure to get your hands on the bare essentials like fabric, thread, needle, stabilizers, hoops, scissors and etc. We have dedicated guides on all the supplies so you do not need to worry.
Once you have the supplies, read about them if you have to.

Machine Embroidery Supplies

Set Up Your Workspace

It is vital that you separate your workspace from your living space. Dedicate a spare room to it, if you do not have one then set up a small, comfy area where you can put all your essentials.

Your workspace should be well-organized, comfortable and tidy so that you feel motivated to stitch and to embroider. Your area should be accessible and convenient. Remember that you are going to be spending a good amount of time here, so it should feel inviting and comfortable!

Start Stitching!

Now that you have your workspace set and your supplies straight, what are you waiting for?
Pick up a medium sized hoop; screw your fabric and stabilizer tightly. Start stitching out your machine’s built-in embroidery designs.

For your first time, choose a design that does not require any thread color changes. When you get good at that, try stitching a built-in design that requires some thread color changes! Give yourself a few days to fully experiment on different fabrics, threads, stabilizers and designs. You will eventually find out what you are comfortable with and what things require you more practice.

You can buy different embroidery designs online and stitch them out as well!

Buy Embroidery Designs

Must Remember: PRACTICE!

Keep on practicing. No matter how many mistakes you make, keep going on. Try to find solutions if any problem comes in the way. Give yourself time to experiment and to practice. The more you practice, the finer your project is going to be!

Let’s revise what you just learnt!

  • Get familiar with all of your equipment. Reading and research is a must!
  • The principle Ask, look & listen!
  • Learn about your embroidery machine. Watch tutorials and read manuals!
  • Get your hands on all the basic machine embroidery essentials; needles, threads, fabric, stabilizers and etc.
  • Setup your workspace: make it inviting, comfy and accessible!
  • There is no point in waiting now! Start stitching up different embroidery designs. Go step by step!
  • Experiment with different supplies for a few days. Evaluate what you are comfortable with and what you need more practice with.
  • Practice! The more you practice, the finer your embroidery skills get!

There are links to our guides cited carefully to get you more into this beautiful craft of Machine Embroidery. The craft is going to get as good as your effort.
This is an incredible beautiful craft that lets the embroiderer run their imagination wild to embellish clothing articles and etc.

It is time for you to dive into the world of Machine Embroidery and we are going to be with you at all times with simple and easy to understand answers to your questions!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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