It is great that you own an embroidery machine whether it is for your business or a hobby! Owning an embroidery machine means you have to really take care of its maintenance so that it stays in a properly maintained and functional state for a very long time! If you really want your machine to stay in its best form but don’t know how, you have found the easiest guide to proper embroidery machine maintenance and care!

Let’s begin!

Protect It From Dust!

The number one enemy of machines is dust! Your machine can easily get damaged only because of dust! Keep your embroidery machine covered at all times when not in use to keep out dust from getting in. You can easily buy some really good dust covers online which are compatible with your embroidery machines.

If you are looking for an affordable and durable dust cover, we recommend the Homest dust cover. It comes with storage pockets and fits a lot of embroidery machines!

Buy The Homest Dust Cover

Familiarize With Your Machine!

We can never say enough, familiarize with your machine!
You need to know your machine well enough to know if something wrong is going on with it or if it is sounding different. Read manuals of your embroidery machine, know what you are working with.

Oil Your Embroidery Machine

Oiling your machine is very important as it lubricates your machine and enables it to run smoothly. The benefits of oiling an embroidery machine are endless!

We have a whole article dedicated to oiling an embroidery machine. For all the ‘how-to(s)’ of oiling a machine, read our article by clicking on the button below!

“How To Oil My Machine?”

Unplug Your Machine When Not In Use

Keep your machine unplugged when not in use to save it from any power surges. Many people often tend to leave the machine’s plug in the socket and really do not think it can do any harm. Well, it can damage the power supply and the machine itself therefore; unplug it when you are done working with it.

Use The Right Needles

Using the right needles for the specific type of fabric is really important. It improves the stitching quality and helps the machine to do what it is supposed to do best. Using the right needles will also not put unnecessary pressure onto the machine.

We have the perfect guide for choosing the best needles for your embroidery projects. The button below will take you straightly to our needles’ guide!

Beginners Guide To Needles

Only Use A High Quality Thread!

If you are going to use a low quality thread to save a couple of bucks, you are going to ruin your bobbin case and damage your machine by a constant irregular stitching period. You will not enjoy stitching or embroidering at all using a poor thread.

We have provided a complete beginner’s and buyer’s guide for you to get the best quality threads for your embroidery projects.

Find The Best Threads For Your Projects

Replace Your Needles On Time!

Every needle comes with a life. If you do not replace them after a given period of sewing and stitching, they will eventually break and will be hard to get out from their socket.

Refrain From Putting Too Much Workload On Your Machine

Do not put too much workload on your machine to prevent from overheating the motor. It is a machine and it does need a little bit of rest now and then.

Give your machine brief little rests so that the motor does not get heated and your stitching goes efficiently!

Use Compatible Fabric Types

You must know what fabric types your machine is compatible with. If your machine is refusing to stitch or work, non-compatibility of the fabric may also be a factor.

Read your machine’s manual or ask the support team if you have any queries related to your machine.

Keep A Check Of The Motor And Its Filters

Keep checking your machine’s motor and its filters to remove the accumulation of thread fuzz and dust. Such things can heat up the motor and become a big disturbance for the machine and for you.

Make Sure To Keep Your Workspace Clean And Organized!

Your workspace is where your machine is going to stay all the time and this is where you will be spending your working hours. Your workspace needs to be super tidy and organized so that things do not bother one and another. Many people get really careless with their space and leave it to be messy.

A messy space can result in getting the machine or the supplies damaged. If your workspace is neatly organized then there will be no accidents of your equipment tumbling or getting damaged.

Install nice shelving units or cabinets which can hold your boxes full of embroidery and sewing supplies.
Place your machine on a nice sturdy table.
Fix a drawer or a box only dedicated to your machine maintenance.

We researched and found the best sewing & embroidering tables that can be a great addition to your workspace. These tables are not only sturdy and versatile but, spacious and storage-offering!

Get The Best Sewing Tables & Cabinets

Get To Maintenance!

You now know everything about the maintenance of your embroidery machine! Investing care in your machine is going to give you incredible embroidery projects in the end.
Stay good to your machine so that it stays good to you!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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