Like a kid in a candy shop, you have so much to choose from! There are so many fabrics accessible to you and you have no idea which one to pick because you are just a starter.
No worries, we are going to narrow down your choices so you pick the best fabric to start off your machine embroidery!

How to pick the best fabric for your embroidery project?

There are a few elements that really influence on the outcome of your embroidery project; your needle, your thread, your machine, software or service, stabilizer, hoops and definitely your fabric. Before picking out a fabric, you must know the weight of the design that you are going to embroider.
If your design weighs more than your fabric, it will end up tearing the project.
Simply put, choose a fabric that does not weigh less than your design!

Nature’s gift of fibers to you!

Nature has given the best of fibers to the humankind.
Now is your chance, use them! Natural fibers are woven both horizontally and vertically which makes it easier for the needle to pass through.

The Best Fabrics To Choose From:


Cotton Fabric

We had to put Cotton on our list!
It is the most versatile & widely used fabric out there.
There are many different types and styles that Cotton comes out in, but you can start ahead with Quilter’s cotton or canvas cotton.
This fabric is versatile, easy to dye and found abundantly.

Tip: Don’t go with Heirloom cottons, they are really sheer and a bit tricky when it comes to embroidery.

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Linen Fabric

Linen is a very strong textile.
It is way stronger than Cotton as well.
Not only does it hold & wear the designs really well but it also looks really trendy.
Linen is a bit expensive than Cotton but it is a great choice for a beginner to consider!

Tip: Iron your linen to get rid of wrinkles before embroidering it.

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Linen Fabric

Shocked to see Silk on the list? Don’t be.
Silk is not always the delicate and fragile fabric that you think it is. Silk is the strongest fabric produced by natural means! It looks extremely luxurious, beautiful to feel and an amazing embroiderer’s choice. Silk fabric is also expensive than both linen and cotton.

Tip: Go with Dupioni Silk, it is a crispy sort of silk fabric with an amazing sheen look.

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Wool Fabric

Pure wool, felt wool or even blends of different wool, it is a very strong fabric that does not fray and is suited for embroidery.
Beginners mostly go with wool as it does not produce any raw edges that need to be hemmed. It is well-suited for embellishing crafts.

Tip: Wool does not go well with heat. When ironing wool, use a press cloth so that the heat does not damage your fabric!

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You can now pick the fabric easily for your embroidery project.

Keep in mind:

  • What project (tablecloth, pillowcase, napkin, etc.) you are going to make.
  • The weight of the fabric.
  • The weight of the design.
  • Accessibility.

Think about your design, think what you are trying to make of the fabric and then just go ahead and get yourself one of the fabrics that we mentioned in the list.
Silk, wool, linen, cotton or blends?
Now, it all comes down to your preference and need!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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