What’s The Best Embroidery Digitizing Software For You?

We have talked in detail previously about other basics of Machine Embroidery and now we need to talk about different Machine Embroidery Digitizing Software! If you have no idea where to start, you have found the perfect guide!

We are now going to delve deeper into the area of Digitizing Software.
Let’s start from the beginning!

What is a Machine Embroidery Digitizing Software?

A Machine Embroidery Digitizing Software is a type of software that helps to create embroidery designs digitally. It is important to invest in an embroidery digitizing software if you want to turn your artwork into practical and useful designs. Many people prefer investing in digitizing software over already-made embroidery designs.

If you really don’t want to digitize or create designs by your own self using software then we have a little surprise for you too at the end!

What to keep in mind before buying a Machine Embroidery Digitizing Software?

You first need to prepare yourself before buying a Machine Embroidery Digitizing Software.
Keep in mind:

  • You are just a beginner so you may not need a full-blown, high-end, full of fancy options sort of software.
  • You are going to need lessons because it is crucial to learn to use the software.
  • The software is going to get as good as your effort; the more learning you add into it, the more you are going to get out of it.
  • Research, research, and research!


You are ready for now!

What’s The Best Embroidery Digitizing Software For You?

There are too many options to choose from! But no worries, we are going to narrow those choices down for you.

Embrilliance StitchArtist ($170)


  • Free Demo Before Buying
  • Easier Editing and Creation
  • Various type of stitch available
  • Advanced Text Tools
  • Applique, Stipple
  • Freestanding background
  • Cross Stitch, Contour, Branching.
  • Scalable, Object-Based Font Creation


  • Simple digitizing software that is perfect for beginners.
  • Very affordable, user-friendly and one of the greatest
  • Completing easy projects like running stitch designs, backgrounds, simple filled shapes, unifying components for design compositions, applique designs and more
  • You can always upgrade to Level 2 and Level 3 when you master Level 1


  • Most advanced users might find Level 2 very disappointing
  • Some customers had a hard time getting customer support

Embrilliance StitchArtist is a reputable program built to generate machine embroidery designs from scratch!

It is easy and intuitive once you get a hold of the basics (found in the user guide) as this software intends to take out the difficulty from digitizing! The most incredible and appreciable feature is that it comes in three different levels (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3)to suit users of different skills!

Note: It is not a customizing tool neither a photo-to-stitch tool nor an auto-digitizing software. StitchArtist is purely a digitizing software that helps in creating designs from scratch. There’s no doubt that it is easy to use and incredible to try!

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Dime Embroidery Software


  • Running Stitch for Redwork
  • Over 140 Fonts & Run Stitch Font
  • Tackle Twill Program
  • Inside-out Feature for Caps
  • New Pattern Fill Shapes
  • Save Design as JPG Feature
  • Auto Baste Feature
  • Create Custom Emboss & Fills
  • Alignment Icons for Easy Placement
  • Optimizes Entry and Exit Points
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  • Over 140 built-in fonts
  • A variety of functions
  • A powerful platform
  • Professional quality results


  • Designed to work on Windows only

Dime Embroidery Software is actually very convenient to use as it has different programs for different functions (e.g. for lacing, lace only software, et cetera). You can pick up a desired program by choosing what you want to digitize. It is really easy to use and comes in functions individually so you can specifically pick a function!

Supported by Windows. One can easily go to dime’s website or get one by an authorized dealer!

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Janome Artistic Digitizer


  • Easy to use
  • Design, Cut, Transform
  • Couching, Reverse Lettering
  • Quilt Your Imagination
  • AcuFil, Name Drop, Array Tote
  • Motif Fill, Split Feature
  • Intertwined Monogram
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  • A powerful interface
  • A wide range of built-in fonts
  • Single and triple line stitches
  • A modern and comprehensive package
  • Perfect for both beginners and pros
  • Professional quality results
  • Award-winning software
  • Over 60 tutorial videos


  • It supports limited file types
  • Hard learning curve

Janome Artistic Digitizer has everything that digitizing software intends to have. Janome’s software has received only good feedback and response. It is easy to use because it comes with over 60 tutorial videos available in the software for you to learn from. There are so many features and options available in the software that you will get tired naming them all! It is an award winner for its customer and an award giver to its customers!

Supported by both MAC & PC. You can find more about the software on Janome’s website and for customer reviews (or perhaps discounts) & feedback, Amazon.

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Brother PE-DESIGN 11



  • Create and Be Creative
  • Save Time Searching
  • Power in Automation
  • Flexibility and Movement
  • Transform Photos into Embroidery
  • ScanNCut Compatible
  • Exclusive Wireless LAN for Luminaire XP1
Shop now at their Website


  • Many editing functions
  • Time-saving
  • Auto-digitizing
  • More than 30 built-in fonts
  • Very diverse
  • Insightful features


  • Only supported by Windows
  • Sometimes the editing and the features may be complex

Brother PE-DESIGN 11 is a personal embroidery & sewing digitizing software built for everyone including a hobbyist or a home-based entrepreneur. It is full of time-saving features including some incredibly insightful features like a Fabric Selector that actually sets the stitch that is best for it! This digitizing software offers many intuitive features therefore, it is great for beginners.

Supported by Windows. You can find out more about the software on Brother’s side and locate a dealer there too.

Shop now at their Website

Hatch Embroidery Software by Wilcom

Digitizing Software


  • Over 140 built-in designs
  • Save Time Searching
  • Power in Automation
  • Flexibility and Movement
  • Transform Photos into Embroidery
  • Free trial
Shop now at their website


  • Free 30 days trial with no credit card details
  • Easy to use
  • A huge diversity in features
  • A step by step manual
  • Developed for Windows and can be used on MAC as well.


  • Not really cheap
  • Some people may find it a little confusing
  • Parallels is required to run it on MAC.

Hatch Embroidery Software by Wilcom is a software recommended by everyone to beginners! This should not be a surprise that it ended up on our list as well because, Wilcom leads in the embroidery digitizing world. It is easy to use so, Hatch Embroidery Software is perfect for both the hobbyist and the home-business pursuer. It is full of amazing features and options that the possibilities of creating new & unique projects are really unlimited!

It is developed for Windows but can be used on MAC if Parallels (program to run Windows’ programs) is installed on the MAC.

You can go and check out everything about the Hatch Embroidery Software on their website. They offer sales on their software as well! We recommend Hatch too!

Shop now at their website

What do we say?

We recommend Hatch mostly to beginners but at the end of the day, it is up to you. If you really want to pick up another software then sure go ahead but always look out for a free trial. Free Trials are great because they let you use the software for a few days to see if it is for you or not. A key tip is to research and go deep in details if you are really interested in buying another software so that you do not end up regretting the purchase. Plus, do not forget that you are going to need to learn and put effort into the software to get good results!

What about somebody who does not want to use digitizing software at all?

If you want to use original designs in your embroidery projects but have no interest in ever investing in a digitizing software, please do not fret!
We are now living in a very accessible world where we do have multiple options to choose from and there are many services that actually digitize your designs for you! so why not give that a try?
Need such a service?
We have you covered 😉

Falcon Embroidery; Digitizing Vector Embroidery:

Falcon Embroidery is a renowned name in the digitizing industry as it offers an impeccable service of embroidery digitizing, custom digitizing, vector art & graphics and much more! All customers’ designs are brought to life by the expert Team Falcon!

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Now you know everything there is to know about an Embroidery Digitizing Software!
We really hope you soon pick one out for yourself and start creating incredible embroidery crafts!
We wish you all the best and remember, there is a lot to learn and try.
This learning process is the most fun of all!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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