It is no lie that sewing and embroidery brings a lot of fun and joy. Especially, the beginners seem to enjoy the craft a lot more as they are learning all the exciting stuff. The curiosity of trying and making a project by their own selves makes the process even more fun. You know what makes a project even more attractive? DECORATIONS!

A simple project can easily be brought to life by adding a bit of dazzle or spice. What could or should be your dazzle or spice? We took this challenge gladly to ourselves! We hunted the internet to find some really fun and interesting decorations. These pieces are going to help you make your project amazing!

1.   Assortment of Patches

Ah… Patches!

Patches are amazing decorations for any sort of sewing project. They become an amazing statement piece for the project and truly make it much more attractive. They can be used to add personal touches to a piece or just lift it up in general.

A lot of the times, when you feel like that the project needs a ‘bit’ of something, just add a nice patch! We found this amazing assortment of patches on Amazon that are extremely affordable and fun. These will surely add magic on your projects!

Buy Assorted Patches

Patches are also very fun to apply. Don’t know how? Here is our how-to guide for attaching patches easily on anything!

How to Attach Patches on Garments

2.   Mahaohao Buttons

What’s better than buttons? Funky patterned buttons!

We found these buttons accidentally on the web. What a sweet accident! These buttons are so fun and creative. They have a lot of different funky and colorful designs. The Mahaohao buttons are sold assorted so you don’t know how many designs of what sort are going to land in your pocket. It is a small surprise that you can give yourself.

The price is incredible! It is inexpensive and totally worth the buy. These buttons will POP on solid coloured projects like a black shirt or a blue bag. We cannot seem to stop coming up with different ideas with these funky buttons!

Buy the Mahaohao Buttons

3.   Quefe Acrylic Beads

Aren’t these beads for jewelry?

Well, technically yes; people use these beads mostly for jewelry. BUT! That in no way means that you cannot use them for your sewn crafts or projects. This is not what we do in our blog. We let imagination run wild; we experiment and we enjoy!

These Acrylic beads can totally rock your shirt’s sleeves or your bag’s handles. The possibilities are endless, to be very honest. You can use these beads for almost any project (including hats!). The Quefe Acrylic Beads caught our eyes AT ONCE. The ideas of how they can be used on sewn projects flashed in our brains like a film’s reel.

These are super cheap and extremely pleasing to look at. A total must-have in your decoration box!

Buy the Quefe Acrylic Beads

4.   Rhinestones

Shiny, gleaming, and always in fashion!

People have lately been obsessed with rhinestones; they are applying it everywhere now. Applying rhinestones to sewn projects for decoration is not new. The recent trend of using rhinestones in eye-makeup and nail art has refurbished the love for rhinestones in people.

Rhinestones can be applied and used for any sort of project that you have sewn or embroidered. Did you embroider some flowers? Apply rhinestones. Did you fix up a pair of jeans recently? Apply rhinestones. Worked on a shirt’s collar? RHINESTONES!

These rhinestones that we found are an incredible assortment. So many different sizes, colors, and shapes in an amazing price!

Buy the Outuxed Rhinestones

5.   Satin Ribbons

Ribbons are a symbol of support. Probably, the best support there is!

Ribbons are gorgeous bands of fabric that can easily elevate a piece of project. You can sew these ribbons in with your project. The simplest of garments with a poppy-coloured ribbon can turn into everyone’s favourite!

We found these Satin Ribbons on Amazon and completely fell in love. The colors are so shiny and beautiful! You can buy a lot of these ribbons in different colors because of its cheap price. Your project can rock with these beautiful satin ribbons by YAMA alone.

Buy the YAMA Satin Ribbons

6.   Butterfly Wood Buttons

Another set of buttons? But a set of *Butterfly* buttons!

These butterfly wood buttons are so cute and small. This set of buttons can be used for multiple purposes and not only for sewing or embroidery. You can integrate these buttons in your floral embroidery patterns for decoration. Just imagine how nice that would look!

You can sew it on your bags, your collars, your hangings/tapestry and hey, even your shirt! As we have said countless of times, it is just a matter of your imagination. These butterfly buttons look so cute and can totally change up your project.

This set is really affordable and fun. This can really help you decorate your projects!

Buy the Utenew Butterfly Buttons

And that is all for now!

Decorations, small piece of accessories, or some bits and bobs should never go to waste. These should be kept and stored in small boxes because; they ALWAYS help in decorating a project. My grandma who was an expect seamstress and embroiderer, always had a box with her that had small decorations, buttons, and bits. Whenever she felt like she needed to add a bit to spice up something, she would know where to go!

These bits and bobs will surely add spice and everything nice to your projects. Never ever hold back any experimentation of new materials or ideas.

Let your imagination run wild.

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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