The Best Irons for Sewing!

After talking about many sewing and embroidering essentials, we kept the best one for the last; Irons!

Do not take it lightly when we say that an Iron is a sewing or embroidering essential. Having a good Iron is as important as having a good sewing machine at your home. Although, ironing is a significant practice in our daily lives but it becomes even more important, when you are caught up in sewing, quilting, or embroidering.

Why do I need an Iron for Sewing?

Now, first things first, let us make it clear as to why you should buy an iron for sewing.

The reasons why you need an Iron:

  • You need to get rid of the wrinkles before sewing otherwise, your project will end up puckering.
  • Every single seam that you make needs to be pressed nicely.
  • The thread needs to be melded with the fabric after being sewn and for that you need an Iron.

Note: Irons can get very hot so, please do use with caution. With that said, do not forget to read the care symbols of the fabric/garment that you are using before ironing. Some cannot be ironed and some cannot be steamed. Read our article about Fabric Care Symbols by clicking the button below.

Washing Symbols

Now without any further ado, we would very happily like to share with you all the Top 6 Irons that we found after devouring the internet for hours!

1.   Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron

Basic Information:

PurSteam’s Professional Grade Steam Iron has a Stainless Steel thick Chromium-finished soleplate which makes it extremely durable and scratch-resistant. The soleplate makes the Iron go very smooth over the fabric and has a very nice unparalleled glide.

What we like the most about this particular Iron is its steam distribution. The iron allows us to get the maximum amount of steam with the soleplate heating up evenly. Along with that, this PurSteam gives us ideal temperatures for fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton, nylon, linen, and et cetera. This iron can be used dry or for steam.

Professional Grade 1700 Steam Iron not only smoothens out hard wrinkles fast but it also comes with safety features such as anti-drip, anti-calc, and automatic turn off. Although, beginners who sew need irons that stay on, for sometimes even hours, so the auto-turn off does seem like a pain in the neck. But, this iron has a beeping alert before shutting off automatically so you can set it up back to the normal settings.


The Professional Grade Steam Iron is a really durable, affordable, and safe iron. This is great for beginners because, it comes with a very helpful instructional menu that gives complete information on how to iron on different sorts of fabrics.

Rating: 88% positive reviews on Amazon.

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2.   Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Basic Information:

Steamfast Mini-Steam Iron is something that we had to put on our list. It is small, lightweight, portable and gets the job done fast and quick!

This mini iron gets really hot really quick and smoothens out any sturdy wrinkles. What we noticed with this iron is that the water does drip out rapidly but it still gets the job perfectly done. The 7.5 foot long power cord is one of the most admirable things of this particular iron! It is great for steaming and for using dry.

The Steamfast SF-717 does not automatically turn off which, is a great thing for sewists, crafters, quilters and embroiderers.


Steamfast Mini Steam Iron is something we highly recommend beginners as it is small, quick, affordable and very portable.

Rating: 86% positive reviews on Amazon.

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3.   Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron

Basic Information:

Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron has an Anodized Aluminum soleplate. This soleplate is what makes it durable, long-lasting, scratch-resistant and easy to glide.

This iron has a sensor on the handle that activates the flow of steam whenever you put your hand on it! If the iron has been set on dry —meaning that the steam function has been turned off—, the sensor will not activate the steaming flow.

The best thing about this Iron is that it has both the options of automatic shut off and automatic bypass, as a result, making it extremely useful for sewists, crafters, quilters and embroiderers.  Along with this, it has accurate temperatures set for different types of fabrics. The iron also audibly warns if the iron gets to a very high temperature!


Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron has dual heating, 8 different settings on the digital dial, sensor technology and an anodized aluminum soleplate. It does sit above the 100$ mark but it is worth the price. It is durable, high-performing, and anti-dripping! We cannot stop recommending this iron enough!!

Rating: 83% positive reviews on Amazon.

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4.   BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron

Basic Information:

Beautural Steam Iron has a double ceramic soleplate that is harder than stainless steel, easier to clean, and very scratch-resistant.

The iron has a clear LCD display that comes with 9 preset modes. It also features accurate temperatures for different sorts of fabrics like jeans, wool, cotton and et cetera. It has really useful features like water spraying, steam bursting, and fabric presets. The 1800 watts of power gives it an advantage of smoothening out even the hardest of the wrinkles.

The Iron does not have a stand-by option although, it does have a safety 3-way shut off system. Other amazing features include anti-calc, self-cleaning, and anti-drip.


Beautural Steam Iron is very powerful and durable. It heats up evenly and removes all sorts of wrinkles. It does not have a stand-by option but it is still a very good iron. The best part is that you get a lot for your money!

Rating: 89% positive reviews on Amazon.

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5.   SharkNinja Rapido Electric Iron

Basic Information:

The SharkNinja Rapido Electric Iron has powerful dual chambers for both vertical and horizontal steam flow. The soleplate is made up of Stainless Steel, which gives the iron a smooth glide and good heat retention.

The best thing about the iron is that it is powerful (1500 watts) but really lightweight. It has multiple steam options and it does not drip or leak. The iron for safety precautions has an Automatic shut-off option.

This iron in particular, is very affordable and easy to handle. It smoothens out wrinkles nicely and lasts really long.


The SharkNinja Rapido Electric Iron is durable, inexpensive, and has really good heat retention. It is great value for money.

Rating: 80% positive reviews on Amazon.

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6.   Panasonic Dry and Steam Iron

Basic Information:

The last but definitely not the least on our list, is the Panasonic’s Dry & Steam Iron.  The soleplate is curved and coated with Titanium. The soleplate is actually very durable and makes ironing very effortless.

This iron is extremely affordable and comes with amazing features such as multi-steam options, heat precision controls, and efficient one-touch spray mist. It has 1200 watts of power and a large water window.

Panasonic’s Dry & Steam Iron does not shut-off automatically, but has a button that retracts the power cord. The cord retraction button is really a cherry on top! This iron is great for sewists, quilters, crafters and embroiderers.


Panasonic’s Dry & Steam Iron is inexpensive, durable, full of amazing features and really powerful. It is something that beginner’s should really lean forward because, it is that good of an iron!

Rating: 83% positive reviews on Amazon.

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This was our top 6 list of the best irons for sewists, quilters, crafters, and embroiderers. Even if you are somebody who is just looking for a good iron for daily use, this list of irons is perfect for you!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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