How can you be crafty without a good pair of Scissors?

We have talked about machine embroidery essentials a lot in our previous articles. Not to forget, scissors are an essential too. Whether you are embroidering or sewing, you are going to need a really nice pair of scissors.

Different parts and processes of your projects are going to need scissors —not any scissors but a high quality pair of scissors— and we are going to make sure of that!

We dug up the internet to find some of the best scissors for you to get crafty with. Here is our list of the top 6 best sewing scissors!

Note: These Scissors are really sharp and are meant for sewing & embroidering purposes. Please, take caution while using them. Safety first!

 1. Mr. Pen Premium Scissors

Basic Information:

Mr. Pen Premium 9.5 inches Scissors are made of high density Stainless Steel. These are especially for the purposes of tailoring, dressmaking, quilting, sewing, cutting patterns and fabrics. The handle has a soft grip to provide a comfortable hold. These are designed for both Right-hand and Left-hand use.

This pair is actually a really good starting pair (especially for beginners). The blade is not too sharp as compared to other scissors but it really gets the job done well. A really comfortable pair that is rust and adhesive resistant!


Mr. Pen Premium Scissors are comfortable, rust-resistant, adhesive-resistant, sharp and easy to hold. This is a great beginner pair. It can be used for multiple purposes which makes it even more versatile.

Rating: 94% positive reviews on Amazon.

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2. LIVINGO Multi-purpose Scissors

Basic Information:

Livingo Multi-purpose Scissors are made up of a high density Stainless Steel (3x harder than normal stainless steel) along with a multi-color Titanium coat, which makes it rust-resistant and adhesive-resistant.

This pair is extremely sharp as it can cut over 16 layers of fabric at once. It is perfect for sewing, embroidering, quilting, tailoring, handcrafts, dressmaking, alterations and et cetera. It can easily cut cardboard, carpet, leather, rug, denim, canvas and other types of fabrics.


Livingo’s are very, very sharp and they are really durable. The grip is really soft and comfy so that you can hold them easily. This product is extremely inexpensive for what it offers.

Rating: 95% positive reviews on Amazon.

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3. Westcott 4-Inch Titanium Bonded Curved Embroidery Scissors

Basic Information:

These 4-inch Westcott scissors are not for wide-angle cutting or thick fabric cuts but for more detailed cutting or trims. These are small, durable, lightweight and really inexpensive. Its blades are made up of a high-density Stainless Steel which makes it stay sharp for a really long time.

This pair  is curved at the end so you get a better cut or trim while you are using them for detailed cuts (needlepoint, trimming machine embroidery threads, fabric work that is really fine and et cetera). The blades are Titanium bonded which makes it corrosion-resistant.


Westcott has a really great range of scissors and when it comes to fine cutting, this pair really stands out. It is sharp, durable, lightweight and easy to hold or handle. Although, these are not for normal fabric cutting or wide-angle cut. It is still a handy pair that you should have in your drawer for fine or detailed cutting.

Rating: 84% positive reviews on Amazon.

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4. Fiskars 12-94518697WJ the Original Orange Handled Scissors

Basic Information:

Fiskars never seem to disappoint when it comes to scissors! This orange pair is lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It is made up of a high grade and a high density Stainless Steel. It cuts all the way up to the tip.

This pair is extremely suitable for Right-Hand use and it does not require a lot of hand strength. Left-hand users will not be able to use these, unfortunately.

They cut up about everything; all sorts of fabrics. These are really handy and good to have by your side in your collection!


Fiskars Original Orange Handled Scissors are cheap, durable, sharp, and comfortable. It works for almost everything; tailoring, fabric cutting, alterations, and etc.

Rating: 96% positive reviews on Amazon.

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5. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Basic Information:

These are heavy-weight, strong, and sharp scissors for professional dressmakers, crafters, seamstresses or embroiderers. It can easily cut multiple layers of fabric at a single time. The bent design helps the fabric to stay straight.

It has a double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish which makes it extremely durable. The blades are really sharp and can cut easily from all the way to the tip. It comes with a nylon sheath to protect the blades when the scissors are not in use.

Gingher Knife-edged Shears make very large clean cuts and can cut almost anything. These are a great value for money.


Gingher 8-inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears are value for money, heavy, sharp and really versatile. These may be heavy for some people due to it being heavy duty. These are amazing and are a must-have in your supplies closet!

Ratings: 97% positive ratings on Amazon.

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6. Fiskars 190520-1001 Titanium Micro-Tip Easy Action Scissors, 5 Inch, Orange

Basic Information:

The last but not the least, on our list is another pair of scissors by Fiskars. Fiskars Micro-Tip Easy Action Scissors are not for wide-angle cuts or large fabric cuts but rather for intricate, tight, awkward-small angles cut.

These are really great because they require a very limited hand strength (which is perfect for people who have arthritis or who do not have a lot of hand strength). It has a spring action design which easily opens up the blades to reduce any sort of hand strain.

The blade is made up of Titanium meaning that it resists corrosion, wear, and scratches. It also includes a soft-grip handle that makes it easier to hold and handle. The blades are sharp and can cut all the way to the tip.


Fiskars Titanium Micro-Tip Easy Action Scissors are comfortable to hold, easy to use, inexpensive and really handy. It does not strain the hand and can cut really intricate or tight details.

Ratings: 90% positive reviews on Amazon.

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So, that was our Top 6 list of the best scissors you can find for your sewing, embroidering, tailoring or dressmaking needs. Scissors are an essential when it comes to crafting and they can really break or make your projects.

Clean cuts, proper layout cuts and et cetera bring finishing to a project and such finishing can only be brought by a really high quality pair of scissors. So, you should not hold back when it comes to buying high-quality essentials.

The more you put into a project, the more beautiful would the output turn out!

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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