What’s not to love about Suede?

It is soft, versatile and has a luxurious feel to it. We have all come in contact with suede knowingly or not knowingly; boots, handbags, jackets and even sofas! Suede is an incredible fabric that can be used in so many ways and things.

You may already have a few ideas on what to make with suede when you get your hands on it.

Hold on to those ideas, because we searched up for the best quality suede fabrics to help you create high-quality suede products!

Mybecca Suede Fabric

micro suede

Basic Information:

Mybecca offers a great variety of suede fabrics; they have different ranges in it as well. Their Microsuede is a famous range because of its durability and versatility in use. This Microsuede is made up of 100% Polyester fibers with a ranging width of 58 inches to 60 inches. The best part is that it is available in a huge variety of colors!

Mybecca’s Microsuede is a medium weight fabric with a soft touch that is perfect for making jackets, vests, skirts, covers and et cetera. It is inexpensive, easy to care for, pet-friendly and stain-proof.

It can be machine-washed (cold water only, no bleach) and line dried.
Suitable for dry-cleaning but not for tumble-drying


Mybecca offers amazing ranges of suede fabric and the best part is that they are easy-to-care for, inexpensive and durable. The colors that they offer are too in a huge variety so there is so much that you can do!

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Plastex Soft Suede Fabric

Soft Suede Mocha

Basic Information:

Plastex Soft Suede Fabric is a faux suede fabric that comes in a bunch of colors including wine (wow!), charcoal and et cetera. It is made of 100% Polyester being 60 inches wide. The fabric is a medium weight and has suede on one side.

It is available by yard and cut to order, which is great as you will exactly get the amount that you need. There are a few colors that Plastex Soft Suede comes in but the colors are pretty great and could help you create some really chic projects.

The fabric care instructions are to machine-wash cold and tumble dry on low.


It is a good-quality faux suede that can be used for items that are going to need often washing. It is a soft, nice, and affordable substitute for real suede.

You can use it for upholstering purposes and many other purposes as it is extremely affordable!

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AbbeyShea Faux Suede Fabric

faux suede port

Basic Information:

AbbeyShea Faux Suede Fabric is another high-quality faux suede on our list which features a nice array of unique colors. It is both made as well as lined with 100% Polyester. It is 54 inches wide, sold by the yard and half yard.

This faux suede fabric is medium weight meaning that it can be used for pretty much anything. The colors that it comes in are unique and very elegant so you can make really cool jackets, dresses or handbags with it.

It is only suitable for dry-cleaning.


AbbeyShea Faux Suede Fabric is quite durable, affordable, soft and easy to work with. There is plenty you could make with it. The fabric and the colors are going to help making your projects stand out.

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Ultrasuede Suede Fabric

suede fabric by Ultrasuede

Basic Information:

The next on our list is the Ultrasuede Suede Fabric. It is a beautiful fabric that is extremely versatile when it comes to home décor projects as it can be used for all of them! It is extremely soft, smooth, easy to care for and very durable.

Ultrasuede Suede fabric is made up of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyurethane (some materials have different percentages of the same fibers), medium to heavyweight. The width of the fabric is 55 inches. Available by yard and half yard.

It is extremely durable (can exceed more than 200,000 double rubs!), stain and odor resistant, and easy to care for as most of the spots can be cleaned with just a few wipes!

The fabric care instructions can vary from material to material so please do check them out first.


The Ultrasuede Suede Fabric is of very high performance and quality making it very luxurious and durable. It is an expensive and pricey fabric but, given its durability and versatility the fabric after all, is worth investing in.

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P & B Textiles Suede Fabric

Basic Information:

P & B Textiles offers suede fabric in stunning colors. It is faux suede made up of 100% cotton which means it is extremely soft, durable and easy to care for.
This suede fabric comes in such a great variety of beautiful colors that there are many different projects you can create with it.

You can create some rocking unique vests or jackets combining it with different fabrics or you could create home décor projects; the options are limitless!
It is 44 inches wide, available by yard and cut to order.

Suitable for machine-wash and low tumble-dry.


P & B Textiles Suede Fabric is extremely soft yet durable to turn into some really cool projects. The price is exceptionally reasonable too and all the colors that it comes in are just stunning and worth praising.

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Fabricut Inc. Trend Suede Fabric

Indigo Suede Fabric

Basic Information:

The last but not the least on our list is Fabricut Inc.’s Trend Suede Fabric range. It is an incredible suede fabric as it does not only have variations in colors but also in textures! It features a woven design as well, which is pretty unique and rare to find when it comes to suede.

This suede fabric is a blend of Polyester and Cotton.  The fabric is 54 inches wide, available by yard and half yard. It is a medium weight fabric which means  that it can be used for almost any project that you have in mind.

It is suitable for dry-clean only.


The Fabricut Inc.’s Trend Suede Fabric is durable, fairly affordable, versatile and unique. It has variations in colors and textures that can help you create a very unique and stunning piece.

It is really an amazing choice.

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This was our list of the top best 6 Suede fabrics available! There is so much you could do with Suede and with these quality options; you can turn your ideas into stunning projects!
Let your imagination run wild.

Have Fun Sewing & Embroidering!

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