Have you thought about what you need to do to turn your embroidery hobby into a business?
Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips right here!

A flower embroidery,representing the effort to turn your embroidery hobby into a business.

How you can turn your embroidery hobby into a business?

How You Can Turn Your Embroidery Hobby into a Business

There’s nothing more wonderful than having a practical hobby. It keeps your hands busy, while
your mind roams free of any worries and problems. And no matter what it is – you get
progressively better at it over time. At one point, you may even be good enough to consider
yourself a professional. But have you thought about ways you can actually earn money by
dabbling in something like embroidery? If you want to turn your embroidery hobby into a
business, you’re in the right place – because we’ve got some excellent tips for you!

Learn About the Market

So, you want to turn your embroidery hobby into a business. That’s fantastic! We all have
hobbies we love, and we all like earning money. And if you’ve got a potentially profitable hobby
like embroidery, that means you can earn a living doing what you love. Which is something not
most people can say! But before you can start making money with embroidery, you need to
approach this with a business mindset. First and foremost – you need to do some market

As with any other commodity, custom embroidery has its market, with supply and demand.
Which is why you need to figure out what kind of designs can earn you the most money among
those you feel capable of doing. Start by joining embroidery associations, as well as groups that
deal with custom apparel. That’s the best way of learning about all the latest industry trends.
Also, some quick online research will yield you a lot of trade shows, which can also provide you
with valuable information. Apart from that, you can read books about embroidery, as well as
journals of established professionals. The good thing is that these days, there are all kinds of
information online. All you need is to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Different embroidery productsand supplies.

Learn about the different products you can make!

Make a Business Plan

Once you’ve got all the info – it’s time to put it to good use. Trust us on this – if you want to turn
your embroidery hobby into a business, you’ll need to have a solid business plan. If you go into
the embroidery business without this, you’ll just end up losing money. But if you make a plan on
how you will market your product, and to whom, your costs will be minimized and your profits
will keep rising. First and foremost – you need to choose the right target market. Depending on
what kind of embroidery you’re most adept at, you’ll need to choose the type of customer you
want buying your product the most. After all, the kind of accessories and clothes you produce
will naturally draw a certain kind of buyer.

Alot of different colored sewing materials.

Don’t spend too much money on supplies right away, buy only what you need!

So, if you focus on one, you won’t end up wasting money on designs that you can’t sell properly.
Plus, you can build a focused brand more easily, which will make your business and products
more recognizable. Apart from that, you’ll also need to find the best supplies and additional
equipment for your business. These kinds of logistics are definitely something you need to
consider well in advance. For example, safe and affordable storage units can come in handy
once you’ve got a lot of products to sell. Just make sure to take care of all of that on time.

Stitching Embroidery Machine

Picking the Right Machine

We’ve already mentioned how important having the best possible equipment is when you’re
about to turn your embroidery hobby into a business. But while all other supplies may be
considered secondary, there’s one piece of equipment you definitely should take great care
while choosing. And, obviously – we’re talking about the embroidery machine. This will be the
pinnacle of your business, and your first major purchase. With that in mind – choose the right
model for your new business.

Bear in mind though, these days, embroidery machines hook up to computers, and then you
use computer software to make digital designs. So, only buy a machine which gives you a
warranty, as well as tutorials for the software. Sometimes, mastering these computer programs
can be difficult. Also, you’ll need a machine that will be in line with your production goals, and
one which will fit into your workspace. Let’s just say that you might need some assistance when
moving bulky furniture if you pick a machine that takes up too much space.

An old sewing machine next to a flower.

Unlike ancient sewing machines, modern embroidery equipment is connected to a computer!

Don’t be afraid to start small and scale up. You can even start working by hand, as slow as it is,
if you don’t want to invest a big sum of money right away. Or you can purchase a smaller
machine, and then get a bigger one later on when the demand for your products grows.

Going Through the Red Tape

Once you start to turn your embroidery hobby into a business, you’ll find that registering a
company means dealing with quite a lot of paperwork. And not only that, but you have to
consider the financial facets of your new business. There will be a ton of accounting to do, as well
as taxes and insurance to figure out. That’s why we recommend talking to a lawyer or a
business adviser about everything you need to do while you start a new business.


As you can see, if you want to turn your embroidery hobby into a business – you’ll need to do
quite a lot of work. But if you make all the right plans in advance, and put them to use, there’s
really nothing you can’t achieve!