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16 Sep Falcon Embroidery Perks: Freebies, Rewards and More!
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Falcon Embroidery is the best one-stop shop for all your embroidery needs. Shopping here is undoubtedly a treat because you can enjoy the best perks such as free embroidery designs, rewards, and much more!If you are new, confused, or both, this article will guide you and help you understand all Falcon Embroidery Perks.What is Reward Offer?How to fi..
02 Aug Crewel Embroidery: An Introduction
Admin 0 180
We like to take a trip every now and then to another area of embroidery. The embroidery world is so vast and beautiful that it is impossible to stand still in it. It makes you want to know what is next. Today, the embroidery world is encouraging us to check out a very well-praised form; Crewel Embroidery.A form of embroidery —given birth to almost ..
02 Aug Satin Stitch Embroidery
Admin 0 205
Satin Stitch can be described as the group of stitches, used to cover the specific background of the fabric. It comes in very handy and is a nice type of embroidery stitch used for filling in the small areas.  Satin Stitch embroidery requires finesse. The most fascinating thing about Satin Stitch is that it is a versatile stitch that can be used to..
02 Aug Instructions For Proper Embroidery Machine Maintenance
Admin 1 5782
It is great that you own an embroidery machine whether it is for your business or a hobby! Owning an embroidery machine means you have to really take care of its maintenance so that it stays in a properly maintained and functional state for a very long time! If you really want your machine to stay in its best form but don’t know how you have found ..
02 Aug Washing Symbols and What do they Mean?
Admin 2 341
With every article of clothing comes a tag, labelled with symbols that seem like another language! Don’t worry, these are just clothing care symbols commonly known as ‘washing’ or ‘laundry’ symbols. They give you information about washing, drying, ironing and bleaching the garments.These symbols are really important as they tell you exactly how to ..
02 Aug The Origins of Embroidery
Admin 1 263
The Term “Embroidery”The pursuit of ornamenting a fabric or other materials by means of a thread or a needle is known as the art of Embroidery. Embroidery has existed since the creation of fabrics. The word, “Embroidery” is extracted from the word “broderie” which comes from French, and is defined as beautification or embellishment.The History of t..
02 Aug Redwork Embroidery: An Introduction
Admin 0 137
Embroidery has evolved over the years. What started a long way before with just a simple thread and needle now, rules over factories filled with machinery. The craft of decorating fabric not only incorporates thread and a needle but, a lot of different materials of various shapes and sizes. Not to forget, the diverse styles, tricks, and techniques...
02 Aug Sashiko Embroidery: Historic and Aesthetic
Admin 0 176
Sashiko is a beautiful Japanese form of embroidery fully rich with history. We decided to write today about this particular form of embroidery in detail. The reason for such a move is not only because Sashiko is aesthetic but rather historic and striking!The word “Sashiko” literally means ‘little stabs’ which is a reference to the fast-running stit..
02 Aug Tips for Storing your Sewing machine
Admin 0 203
A sewing machine is a useful tool, but not everyone uses it professionally. If this is your hobby and you like to make things from time to time, it is important to learn the proper way to store your sewing machine when not in use. With that in mind, let’s look at the most useful tips for storing your sewing machine!Do the regular maintenanceDo not ..
02 Aug How to Remove Embroidery?
Admin 0 224
Beginner or not, sometimes we mess up during our sewing or embroidery process. Other times, we change our mind about the design that we are creating that we want to remove what we stitched. Removing unwanted embroidery and stitching is not hard! All you need is some handy tools and the knowledge of using them.This is where we come in; presenting yo..
02 Aug How to use a Seam Ripper?
Admin 0 234
A Seam Ripper is a small tool that fascinates and intimidates beginner sewists and embroiderers a lot. The problem that we will tackle today is that beginners do not know how to use a seam ripper properly.If you do not know when or how to use it, it is completely okay. We are going to start from the very beginning and when you finish this article, ..
02 Aug Quilting for Beginners: A Guide
Admin 0 232
We have previously provided our readers with beginner guides on a whole variety of different topics. We aim to produce content that is helpful, easy to follow, and quick to read. After detailed guides on Machine Embroidery, we are back with another fun and easy guide.Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Quilting!What is Quilting?Quilting is the proce..
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