Size Medium Formats Colors 1
Height 22.606 mm DSB, DST, SEW Stitches 3103
Width 153.162 mm EXP, HUS, DGT Stops 1
Height 0.89 inches JEF, JPG, VP3 Author/Source Unknown
Width  6.03 inches XXX, PES, VEP Price Free

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Nana Loves You

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Type: Nana Loves You (Contact Us for other sizes)

Nana Loves You Custom size with the following dimension

Size in mm:
Height: 22.606 mm
Width:153.162 mm

Size in Inches:
Height:0.89 inches
Width: 6.03 inches

More Sizes Available as per request.

the zip/rar file contains following file formats of this Nana Loves You


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Color: 1 Color are used in this logo with 0-time color changes.

Stitches: 3103
This logo is digitized with 3103 stitches.

Trims & Stops: 2 Trim & 1 Stops
There are 2 Trim in this logo 1 stops

Author/Source: Unknown (Free Source)

Type: Machine Embroidery Design | Free Embroidery Designs