Embroidery Digitizing Service

We offer the full spectrum of digitizing services to help you work better.

Embroidery digitizing is somewhat unique than other digitizing forms. You can’t have the privilege digitizing on the off chance that you compromise in quality and payment. Digitizing services has been provided by Falcon Embroidery, for example: Logo Digitizing, Cap logo, Left Chest logo, Sleeve Digitizing, Gloves Digitizing, Towel Digitizing, Jacket back, vector, sketch conversion, color separation, vinyl cutting services for over a decade of time including outfits, badges etc. Falcon Embroidery gives finest quality embroidery digitizing services through a gathering of expert and talented graphic designers and embroidery digitizers, who have been carefully chosen and time-tried. With unique scheme, it has separated itself from its competitors.

We are the privilege digitizing service provider that you can rely on as we have over many years of experience in the embroidery digitizing industry, having latest technologies and incredible digitizers; through reasonable prices, many discounts, secure payment process, fast turnaround time, easy ordering system and with premium quality. The basic needs of our esteemed customers, we are fully aware of modern embroidery digitizing Process.

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Vector Conversion & Illustration

We offer vector service at an affordable rate, quickly, and in high quality artwork.

Our brilliant vector conversion service has brought us thousand of contented clients from everywhere throughout the world and we pushed them to spare their time and money on their day by day labor intensive raster to vector benefit. Our master graphic designers are able to change any photos, and ideas into any vector format. All things considered, we change any image to vector.
Our profoundly skilled and experienced graphic designers physically change over to vector. Each file is vectorized manually by hand following, redrawing and reproducing every little point of interest. We never utilize faulty automated software. Our edited files guarantee smooth visibility of line and shape and expert look. As a rule, we change over any image to vector and submit them within 24 hours. Once done you will get your file in any format you need. You can utilize the converted files eps, pdf or vector graphic illustrator file for instance pennant, distributions, garments, generation and media and so forth.

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