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Falcon Embroidery is a notable name in digitizing industry which has been in it for years. Our client satisfaction rate, huge customer space, quality products, and on-time commitment speak for themselves.

We operate with certified & experienced professional staff who innovate and create new ideas and designs to fullfil the needs of the customers within their budget as well as cater them to build strong relationships.

We use the latest advancements and the best materials to give personal satisfaction benefits available in the business today as this is an approval of our business practice, and demands for a quality digitizing and extraordinary customer service.

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Digitized files are effortlessly exchanged on the grounds that they are common and effectively access able by an internet-based medium such as online payments, email, and so on. Falcon Embroidery gives proficient embroidery digitizing service with cost-effective solutions, From the very first moment. Outsource Embroidery Digitizing is usually followed by embroiders these days. Embroidery digitizing is the process of taking a logo, design, other innovative fine art, or even photo and changing it into a digital file in a certain format/language that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch out. Stitch types include satin stitch, fill stitch, and running stitch to create an embroidery design. All of this procedure is finished with the assistance of certain embroidery digitizing software and requires a skilled digitizer’s manual input and creative treatments. Though, if top-quality embroidery is essential, then industry experts highly suggest either purchasing a solid design from legitimate digitizers or getting training on solid digitization methods.